Friday, July 3, 2009

Loving Sha Tin

I went to cycling with a friend. The weather is bad these days, either too hot or rains hard. Last night, it was just perfect. From Regal Riverside to Science Park, we stood near the coast, watched the sky and the sea. We saw the stars on the sky. My friend was complaining that they could not see any sky on the event days of turning off the light near the harbour side. Yes, too much electricity in Hong Kong. We were enjoying the darkness and the quiet of the night. The opposite side is Tai Po. We saw some lights from the highways and buildings. We saw the reflection from the sea surface. We counted the stars over the star. I felt so treasure under the nature. I was so wonder that I never thought about cycling at night in Science Park where I was still living in Tsuen Wan.

Thanks the nature, heal our hearts!
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