Sunday, August 15, 2010





Cha Kwo Ling is one of the old districts in Hong Kong. We walked from Nam Tin MTR Station for about 15 mins to there.

We took a walk around the village, the weather was not fine, there was a hard shower. Lots of alleys in the village.  It is hard for us to sketch the scene where is too close to us because the perpective is hard to catch precisely. The houses in the village are mainly made of iron plates, very unique as a whole. Fews are made of bricks that could be the orginal houses built years ago. As the iron plate is not a good material for noise isolation, there is no secret between families.

We find a place with the canopy and sit down for the sketching. The scene I picked is an alley to the road, there are houses in both sides, not very colourful. However, I like the composition. There were sunshines and showers. During sketching, I was thinking even there is air condition in the house, but the material built is iron plate, it must be very noisy in raining days. Perhaps it leaks too.

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