Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too Good Pond, Markham

Today I went to the artificial lake in Unionville. It was about 9C. As a person from Hong Kong, I feel it's winter now. Sun was shining and I feel warm under the sun. 2 weeks ago, I was in Lau Fau Shan, Hong Kong for sketching. Today, I am in Toronto and doing the same thing. The difference is no mosquitos here. Sitting on the grass, I could not find any insect. Some people jog here.

Owing to the low humidity, the watercolous dries fast, I need to draw faster. The maple leaves around the lakes are in red, so beautiful. There are some geese and ducks swimming. When I was drawing, there was a duck comes. Maybe she wanted to take a sun bath. Sometimes the flock swims towards  me, I feel so countryside.

And I think I cannot go outside soon as the weather is too cold to me.

今天去了Unionville 的人工湖寫生,氣溫只有攝氏9度,對於一個剛從香港來的人,我已覺冬天來了。陽光很猛,但感覺溫暖。兩星期前還在流浮山寫生,今天已到了Toronto寫生。這裡沒有蚊釘,坐在草地上,好像也沒有昆蟲。不時有些人在跑步。


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