Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A boring raining Wednesday

Tim Hortons @ Hwy 48 x Major Mackenzie
Why do people come to Tims?

You will see friends and families here. A place to get something to eat fast, a place to spend an hour or two to talk about jobs, kids, places to eat or pets. A place to fill up the gaps between appointments. Different locations have different demographies. Sitting here you will see different stories coming and going. People complaining the taste of coffee cannot resist its convenience. And "Double-double" is a well-known Canadian slang. It has been a part of Canadian culture.

This was a boring, raining Wednesday afternoon, watching the rain falling down outside is pretty enjoying.

很多人都喜歡到Tim Hortons,但同時投訴咖啡的味道不好。沒法子,Tims實多太方便,附近總是有一間。是大家的聚腳點,經濟又有Wifi。不同的地點有不同的人,人們來來去去,坐在這裡看著不同的故事,是一家大小或是朋友,說著論著不同的話題。這裡也是用來填實約會之間的空檔的好地方。連我教iPad班的長者們,都知道這裡有免費的Wifi。而Double-double亦成為了加拿人出名的俚句,成為加拿大文化的一部份。


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