Friday, April 17, 2015

The Guild Inn and Guild Park

191 Guildwood Parkway - Former hotel and Depression-era artist colony
Such a lovely day! I did this sketch today at Guild Park.

This place, where has many architectural buildings, worths visiting. In 1999, the park was designated a heritage property by the Heritage Canada Foundation. The building was a historic hotel and Depression-era artist colony. It was proposed to be torn down for a redevelopment of the area.
Guild Park is a sculpture garden consisting of the rescued facades and ruins. The hotel was closed by 2001.

In front of this building, there are architectural fragments and sculptures in the gardens. We sat under the shade and sketched this abandoned building. Some neighbours came to the parks and a dog ran to us, seems she was also interested in what we were sketching. The fence was built around the building, but I skipped it.

Another day I came again for sketching another side of the inn. There are so much to draw such as the beautiful garden, the sculptures and the view of Lake Ontario. When I walked around to find a spot to sketch, I had found that the soil was all wet. It didn't rain. I was wondering if this was because Lake Ontario is right in front of the gardens.

Another side of the building
A Roman style arch

On April 28, I sketched one of the arches which is in Roman style. You will feel you are in another place when you are in this park. It seems that you have endless scene to draw.
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