Monday, June 29, 2015

Richard L Hearn Generating Station

The station was built in 1951 and decommissioned in 1983 after 30 years operation. It is Toronto’s largest and most remarkable heritage building. It is a late-deco behemoth in red brick with translucent windows; its 70-storey smokestack remains one of the 10 tallest structures in Canada. In the 70s, the plant was converted to burn the natural gas for generating electricity till early 80s. This reduced pollution and efficiency but increased operating costs. The power production then stopped in 1983. The plant is now abandoned and sometimes was used in a number of movies for production. 


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Rainy Saturday

I couldn't sketch outdoor today because of this rain. It kept raining and raining, the forecast said it would be raining till tomorrow. So I only could did my drawing inside the car. Some folks sat under the canopy of the café for chatting and enjoying the chilly rainy Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed watching and sketching them, listening the sound by the rain hitting the car with a cup of coffee. Where is Mr. Sun?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A piece of history go up in flames

Built in 1860, the building is considered one of the oldest and a landmark of Main Street, Unionville. The former Queen's Hotel was on fire in March this year. It took few hours to control the fire as the old part of the building is all wood structure. Some residents saw the fire and said it was like watching a piece of history goes up in flames.
Today was the Markham Music Festival, 27C and felt like 32C. I was sitting on the bench opposite to the building under the sun, also felt like burning. The band was playing the music. People hung out and had drinks. The happy voice didn't help a lot when I looked at the building. Hope the restoration will soon finish and we all forget about the devastation

今年三月,在Unionville 的 Main Street 發生了一場大火,消防員花了上了幾個小時才可將火勢控制。這幢建築物有155年歷史,建於1860年,以前是Queen's Hotel,現在是間商店。Main Street的建築大部份都超過百年曆史。由於屋的前部份大多以木建,所以火勢難以撲滅。有目擊今次災的居民覺得自己好像看像一段歷史片段被燃。


Friday, June 19, 2015

Toronto Botanical Gardens (Edward's Gardens)

Don Valley Art Club paint out again! It took me about an hour and half to get this done. I was struggling in painting the rocks and once thinking to give up the painting. To keep going, I painted something else and went back to the rocks. There was a lady stretching herself near the fall. I recognized it is Guo Lin style. If I were not doing the painting, I would have joined her to practice together. Sitting under the tree and painting this scene is awesome. A group of kids stopped by and shouting, some found ants and some around me and talking about my painting. The teachers keep reminding them to stay calm and don't push me. Yes! Two kids were so close and keep pushing me. I told myself this is how you become popular. 
The bridge over the stream was omitted and I simplified the background. Focus on the pattern of the rocks and water and the direction, it turned out not too bad.

這次是第二次參加Don Vallery Art Club的戶外寫生活動,地點是Toronto Botanical Gardens 又名Edward's Gardens。這裡有很多寫生主題,我也來過多次。今次選了這個溪流,主要是畫石頭和小瀑布。畫了石頭一段時間便有放棄的念頭,覺得自己畫得很亂!為了堅持下去,只好去畫別的先,再回來畫石頭。畫的時時,和小瀑布不遠處看到位女士在做伸展運動,細看之下,原來在練習郭林氣功,若不是正在寫畫,也會和她一起練習一下吧!



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

As usual we parked and distributed tri-folds to the neighborhood. It was a very warm day, but the forecast said the thunderstorm is coming tonight. A father is taking a walk with his baby. How sweet! Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Britannia Pub & Grill

We have a schedule to fill up the business cards to the local establishments every week. Here we were today and I love the sign and the colours under the sunshine.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Knox United Church - Agincourt

There's a break between iPad and Watercolour classes. I am sitting at Tim's and watching outside. The church is located at the intersection of Sherpard Avenue and Midland. It has a graveyard with lots of trees liked a garden. Time seems freezing there at the corner when there is busy and fast traffic on the road.