Sunday, June 21, 2015

A piece of history go up in flames

Built in 1860, the building is considered one of the oldest and a landmark of Main Street, Unionville. The former Queen's Hotel was on fire in March this year. It took few hours to control the fire as the old part of the building is all wood structure. Some residents saw the fire and said it was like watching a piece of history goes up in flames.
Today was the Markham Music Festival, 27C and felt like 32C. I was sitting on the bench opposite to the building under the sun, also felt like burning. The band was playing the music. People hung out and had drinks. The happy voice didn't help a lot when I looked at the building. Hope the restoration will soon finish and we all forget about the devastation

今年三月,在Unionville 的 Main Street 發生了一場大火,消防員花了上了幾個小時才可將火勢控制。這幢建築物有155年歷史,建於1860年,以前是Queen's Hotel,現在是間商店。Main Street的建築大部份都超過百年曆史。由於屋的前部份大多以木建,所以火勢難以撲滅。有目擊今次災的居民覺得自己好像看像一段歷史片段被燃。

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