Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Maple Leaf - Watercolour demo

This is a maple leaf watercolour painting demonstration. Click here for video.
1. Use the masking fluid to paint the leaf veins.
2. Mix dark green and red for dark grey to paint the background
3. When the background is drying, spray some orange paint on the background.
4. Wet the leaf with clean water, then paint with yellow, orange and red. Let them blend in each other. Put green paint at the bottom of the leaf. Then put some dark brown dots on the leaf.
5. Use a small brush with the clean water to life out some paints for the white spots.
6. Remove the masking fluid.
7. Paint the leaf veins in yellow, then paint red and brown along one side of the veins.
8. Paint the stem in red and purple for the dark side.
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