Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goddess Project #2- Ancient Egyptian God : Bastet

1st Session: Watercolour painting (WIP)
2nd Session: Watercolour painting 

This was my second project of the Goddess in DVAC. She is an Egyptian God named Bast who was the protector of Lower Egypt in ancient time. She was presented as a woman with a head of cat. Meredith, the model, wears the black dress with wearing the cat's ears. The make-up with the Egyptian style strong eyelines really created the feel of the Goddess.

One of my favourite artists is Charles Reed ( Love the colours he uses and the way he paints. I tried to apply some of his techniques on this painting and it turns out quite nice.

In another session, I am going to give her a kitten, a black one. Still play around warm and cold colours.

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