Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ferris Provincial Park and Peterborough Lift Lock

1st stop: Ferris Provincial Park
Ferris Provincial Park is in Campbellford, about 180km from the east of Toronto. If you park at the entrance and walk into the park, it's free. If you drive your car in the park, it charges at different rates depends on if you camp there. We went to Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge and walked across. I felt a bit scary when looked down to the river. I did this painting at the end of the bridge quickly as it was a pretty warm day.
Ranney George Suspension Bridge
From Ferris Provincial Park to Peterborough Lift Lock is about an hour ride. Here is a very tranquil river. Few people sat beside the river and chatted.
It is a boat lift located on the Trent Canal in the city of Peterborough and is Lock 21 on theTrent-Severn WaterwayThe lock has two identical ship caissons (like bathtubs) in which vessels ascend and descend. Both caissons are enclosed at each end by pivoting gates, and there are pivoting gates at the upper and lower reaches of the canal at the junctions with the caissons. The gates on the caissons fit into slots on the gates on the reaches so that they open in unison.
We didn't see the either boat going up or down. Maybe it's not weekends.

Peterborough Lift Lock

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