Friday, August 28, 2015

The Old Curiosity Tea Shop

The shop
Located at Markham Road, Main Street, an English-style restaurant is one of my favourite places to visit. Their signature house tea is worth to try! The restaurant is decorated with different kinds of tea pots. The plates and tea cups are very pretty. You would think you are already in England. Sorry! I couldn't sketch the food this time. Booking in advance is a must because there is almost impossible to get any seat by walk-in.
The entrance

The tea set (only half of the set), it's for 2.

在Markham Road的Main Street,有家吃英式茶點的店。店內所用的東西,包括杯碟都很有英國特式,牆上也掛滿林林種種的舊相片和碟,整個店的每一角落都有不同種類的茶壼。今次我不可能畫食物了,因為沒法等到畫完才吃!如要光顧這店,必須預約,否則幾乎是沒可能有位的。

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