Tuesday, September 1, 2015

水彩畫班 Watercolour Class

不經不覺已完成了在Gibson Community Centre在夏天的水彩畫班,有點不捨得,因為他們學習認真,也很風趣幽默,我們帶著歡愉的氣氛「整色整水」。很感謝同學們努力的學習,每天聽到他們說回家會再畫,心裡都很歡喜,看到他們的進步是當老師最大的回報。水彩畫千變萬化,很有挑戰性亦充滿趣味,希望每學員都感受到畫水彩畫的喜樂!

Time files! The summer watercolour class at Gibson Community Centre came to the end. I started missing the classes already. Everyone learns seriously with a sense of humor. I really enjoyed teaching the class. As a teacher, I feel thankful when the students said they are going to paint it again at home and witnessed their improvement. Watercolour painting is very challenging and also very interesting. I hope everyone enjoying it and happy painting!
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