Thursday, September 24, 2015

Goddess Project #3 - Erzulie

3rd session - Portrait in Acrylic

The last session - work in progress

We had a beautiful lady dressed as Erzulie, who is the Haitian African spirit of love. The goddess is sometimes displayed as Black Madonna of CzęstochowaHer colours are red, gold and navy blue. Her symbols are a pierced heart and knives or swords.This was my 3rd goddess project. I capture the light from the right. The vase and the flowers have the warm and cool colours. These colours repeat on the background on the left and on the dress. I love to join this Wednesday's section at Don Valley Art Club. It gives you more time to plan and think about how to finish your painting.
The 3rd session I brought a used canvas. I painted over the previous work. The dripping effect of the previous painting is quite interesting. The face and scarf are in warm tone and hence I put blue as the background. The next is to enhance the light and refine the lower part of the face. I am still thinking if I should apply some dripping effect.

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