Monday, October 12, 2015

Too Good Pond

Today was Thanksgiving holiday. I thought there would be fewer visitors here because everyone should have been very busy with preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. But it was not. The pond was beautiful, leaves were turning colours., everyone was busy with taking photos. The original plan was painting the foliage. It was just too many people at the locations of the foliage. I kept going and searching for a spot. Finally, I decided to paint two friends who were fishing. Like things happened before, they were gone before I finished the painting.

Many people looked at me when I was painting. It was kind of hard to focus. A lady started talking to me and telling me she is from Lebanon, where is the neighbour of Syria. Thankfully she is here in Canada, a much more safer place. She looked very happy and put a piece of maple leave on the jacket as a brooch. It was a bit windy, my stuff was flipped over a couple times. I feel so thankful that I had done a painting on such a nice day and peaceful place.

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