Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Landscape Painting

Step 1: Background
Colours: Azo Yellow Medium / Burnt Umber
  • Wet the Sky with the clean water
  • Leave the area around the peak of the highest mountain white (You can use masking fluid)
  • Apply Yellow then add Burnt Umber around the edge

Step 2: Mountains
Colours: Azo Yellow Medium / Burnt Umber / Cobalt Blue / Crimson Red
  • Paint with Yellow on those facing the light source
  • Put Cobalt Blue for other mountains
  • Apply some Crimson Red and Burnt Umber for the mountains near the right and left edges
  • Leave the bottom white or use tissue paper to lift the paints
  • Leave it for dry

Step 3: Green Trees and Reflection
Colours: Azo Yellow Medium / Sap Green / Cobalt Blue
  • Paint with Yellow 
  • When it is still damp, put Sap Green
  • For the shadow / Darker areas, put Cobalt Blue
  • Wet the lower area and paint the Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Burnt Umber accordingly

Step 4: Trees at the front and Reflection
Colours: Indigo / Crimson Red  
  • Apply Indigo, then drop Crimson Red while it's still wet
  • When it is still damp, drop some clean water with splashing on the Indigo
  • Use a clean dry brush / tissue paper to lift out some colours
  • Use a bigger brush to define the tree / plant shape at the top
  • For the reflection, put Indigo and blend with water
  • Lift a line with a flat brush

Step 5: The boat and the man
Colours: Indigo
  • Draw it with Indigo and a small brush
  • Don't forget the reflection

When it is all dry, you can refine the colour of the water accordingly to match the sky colour.

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