Monday, February 22, 2016

Carcross Day Trip

Feb 12, 2016

All the activities in the afternoon were fully booked. We decided to rent a car and took a road trip. The travel agency recommended that we could take a route to Carcross in the south. The car rental company is awesome. They delivered the car at our inn and the car's condition is so good. 
It took about an hour from Whitehorse to Carcross. 
On the way we stopped by Emerald Lake. In summer, the lake has different types of green. Now, it was frozen and all in white.

Finally we arrived at Carcross. It was called Caribou Crossing by the miners. This is the junction of the Tagish and Bennett lakes en route to the Klondike gold fields at Dawson.

Large herds of caribou migrated twice a year across Nares Lake shallows east of the townsite. It was then developed for the Klondike miners and this junction became an important stopping point for the White Pass & Yukon Railway in September 1898.

The Caribou Hotel also opened in the same year and still in operation, Matthew Watson’s General Store is the Yukon’s oldest operating store.

About 2km before the town is the world smallest desert called "Carcross Desert" with 642 acres (260 hectares). 10,000 years ago this was the bottom of a large glacial lake. Its adjacent sand dunes, which run to the shore of Bennett Lake, host several unusual plants. Bennett Lake is known for its beautiful beach covered in fine, white sand. The area gets only about 11 inches of precipitation a year (including snow).  We took many pictures in this location!

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