Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Friendly and Funny Tour Guides

Feb 10, 2016
We had a breakfast this morning then joined the local tour. We arrived at the Visitor Information Centre. The tour guide, Frank, is also a local watercolourist, told us many facts about Whitehorse and Yukon.

Then we visited Yukon hydroelectric dam in Whitehorse. The site is on a hill slop. There is the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. The Spot Chinook Salmon will come every year for spawning. The staff will count the number of the fishes through the glass windows in a viewing area where you can also see salmon, grayling and trout.

Another warm and cozy trading post of the same farm. This trading post has the similiar settings as the one last night. However, there are 2 animal skins hanging on the wall, a bear and a wolf, very impressive! Hunting is a very popular activity here. I chatted with the staff of the tour, Grodrey, Wolf and Fernand. And of course Atsushi and Tan too. They are very friendly and funny! Love the people in Yukon, they are very nice and down to the earth, as well as multi-cultural. Most of them can speak more than one or two languages. There are 2 Japanese girl guides too, very helpful and friendly. They are all living in Whitehorse from other places in Canada or other countries, most are large cities. And they love Yukon very much because of the peaceful environment and friendly culture.

The aurora finally showed up while we were about to leave. It was more visible than last night. We took many pictures and stayed half an hour more at the site. I was very sleepy before it appeared, but felt so excited when I saw the light!
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