Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The First Day in Yukon

Feb 9, 2016
We flew from Toronto to Vancouver then to Whitehorse. It took us about 8 hours. It was -5C, nice sunshine. We checked in at Gold Rush Inn where is located 10 minutes drive from Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport. Looking out the window, it was all covered by snow. In Toronto it didn't snow much this winter. In fact, it was pretty warm. We took a nap and went to a restaurant called Antoinette's, Caribbean and Yukon foods with a bit of French touch, it's very adventurous but inspiring. We ordered some dishes and wines. 

The guides from Northern Tales Travel came at 10:00 pm to pick us up for going to the viewing site to view the Northern Light. Let's see if we were lucky enough to see the aurora!

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