Monday, March 7, 2016

The Goddess Project #6 - Medusa

Caravaggio is one of the artist depicted Medusa during Renaissance. One of my favourite artists, Aubrey Beardsley, has his own Nouveau style for the illustration of the Medusa's story. Medusa was once a very beautiful woman. Forgot her vow and married to Poseidon, she was punished by the goddess and turned into this horrible look.

We had a fabulous model tonight and she wore a snake headdress with a professional make-up. It was a declining pose tonight but I would like to focus more on her face and head. The first part of the watercolour was painted on her face which defined her facial expression first. The model has got beautiful eyes which the eyes look like gems.

I started with warm and cold colors on her face, warmer colours on the right side and cooler on the left. Eyes are in yellow-green first. Some purple is applied on the lips. The model was wearing a snake headdress. To make it more natural, I painted some snakes from the headdress and added some more snakes as her hair.

The colours I used are from Talen Rembrandt. They are Azo Yellow (Light and Medium), Vermilion, Q. Rose, Ultramarine Deep, Permanent Blue Violet, Indigo and Olive Green.

The Mood
Medusa is from the myth. I would like to introduce some unreal feeling by soft edges with wet-on-wet techniques. The snakes flow freely and I painted some curves in the background. The arms and the dress are soft. The focus will be on her face, snakes and then fading out. 

The Colours
Warm colours are on the face and her chest and arms, skin tones. And these are surrounded by cooler colours, green, blue and purple. 

I love the eyes colours and the way she stares at us!

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