Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wildlife Preserve

We visited Wildlife Preserve. It is like a northern version of African Safari in Toronto with some more northern animals like Artic Fox and Snow Owl. Atsushi San, our tour guide, has extensive knowledge of these animal. He shared with us with their interesting facts and stories.
If the Artic Fox cannot find the food in wild, they will follow the Polar Bear for the food. If there is no food left, they will eat the feces of Polor Bears.
The female moose, Jaby, is very friendly. She followed us wherever we went. However, his partner, the male moose, was very depressed because he just dropped his antler! He kept his face away from us all the time.
Snow Owl

Artic Fox

Moose couple
After the trip, we were supposed to join the hot spring activity. However, we decided to go to the cafe instead. This is a small friendly place for hanging around. Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. is located few minutes drive away the hotsping. They also produce their own coffee with the Fair Trade.

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