Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Macaw in Watercolour

Step 1: Background
Colours: Azo Yellow Light / Cobalt Blue
  • Wet the background with the clean water, keep a distance from the bird
  • Drop Cobalt Blue and Yellow on the water
  • Use a smaller brush to refine the edge when the paint is still wet
  • Use a dry brush to absorb excess water near the edges

Step 2: Face and Neck
Colours: Azo Yellow Light / Cobalt Blue / Crimson Red
  • Paint the face and beak with Cobalt Blue (lighter)
  • Paint the neck with Yellow 
  • Mix Yellow and Crimson Red for the orange colour and paint with a flat brush for the neck feathers.

Step 3: Blue Feathers
Colours: Cerulean Blue
  • Paint the feathers with Cerulean Blue 

Step 4: Head and Blue Feathers
Colours: Azo Yellow Light / Cobalt Blue / Cerulean Blue 
  • When the paint is still wet, drop some yellow colour on the front head and the edge near the face, the yellow will mix with blue and become green
  • Paint the rest of the feathers with Cerulean and Cobalt blue


Step 5: Details
Colours:  Cobalt Blue /Indigo
  • Use the flat brush to paint the feather lines with Cobalt Blue
  • Draw the eye with Indigo
Step 6: Details
Colours:  Cobalt Blue /Indigo
  • Continue to draw the details with Cobalt Blue mixed with Indigo
  • Draw the marks on the face and the beck in Indigo
  • Apple some Indigo in some darker shadow
  • Lift the paint with a damp brush for the highlights

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