Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Goddess Project #7 - Inanna

March 23, 2016
Inanna was a Sumerian Goddess. Inanna's name derives from Lady of Heaven. She was well-known as the goddess of sexual love but is equally prominent as the goddess of warfare. She was always associated with lions. We had a beautiful model with us. The costume she wore was made by her for a Halloween party.

I first used a quarter size paper to do a study painting. Only use Indigo to paint all the dark areas, and then glaze with other colours for different areas. It's not easy to paint the correct skin tone. After I finished the painting, I have found the hands and legs are too small in proportion. 

Back home, I prepared the draft for my half sheet painting and decided the background. It is a stone wall.

The colours were Ultramarine Deep, Burnt Sienna, and Vermilion. Somewhere were rubbed with a white crayon before painting the colours on.

I put the first wash of Raw Umber mixed with Alizarin Crimson and some Cobalt Blue and lifted up the paint for the highlight. Other washes applied on different areas on the face were mixed with more Alizarin Crimson. Darker areas were Permanent Blue Violet and more Raw Umber. The eyelids were painted with Raw Umber and Permanent Blue Violet.

The head dress was painted with Yellow, Olive Green and Indigo, same colours were applied on the neck dress and the lion pendant.
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