Tuesday, May 10, 2016

G Ross Lord Park

The sky was so wonderful this morning and there was no class for today. I decided to ask Monica for the Plein air painting together. We hadn't decided where to go but I didn't want to go to Too Good Pond again. Finally, we found a place called G Ross Lord Park. I am not good at finding new places. So we decided I would drive after hers. Not far from the parking lot, few cars went between us. I thought I was going to lose her track. However, she drove like a turtle and those "few cars" moved to the fast lane. We finally got together again. I have found that we have some kind of connection after this drive. When we got off the cars, we couldn't wait for a high five. The park is located at Finch and Dufferin.
We walked around and decided to drive to another end, to see if we could find a nicer spot. Finally, we picked a spot where we could see the creek and the opposite dryland.

今早天氣很好,又沒課堂,便約了Monica去寫生。還沒有決定地點,又不想再去Too Good Pond。找到了另一個地方,便是G Ross Lord Park。我認路不好,所以決定開車跟在Monica的車後面,怎料一出路口,便有幾輛車在我們早間,我以為她已開得很遠,怎料她以X速令她後面的車無法忍受到快線。最後我又跟到她後面去。途中也有些情況差點跟不上,但是我發覺我們頗有默契。下車時也不禁High Five一下。公園地點是近Finch and Dufferin。

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