Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sketch with San Diego Urban Sketchers Group (聖地牙哥城市速寫會)

It was fun fun fun!!!

It took us 2.5 hrs drive from LA to San Diego. I was so excited to meet everyone from San Diego urban sketchers group. Once I got off from the car, I saw Lydia right in front of me. She introduced the group members to me and some of them just like me, the first time comers.

The Balboa Park is very big and is located in the north of the downtown area. It consists 12 attractions including San Diego Zoo, art museum, museum, theatre, restaurant and the gym centre. You can buy a "Passport to Balboa Park" for US$20 dollars for museum admission fees. The park was named after a Spanish navigator "Vasco Núñez de Balboa". In 1868, San Diego government developed this area as a park. The architectures now in the park were built in 1915 for The Panama–Pacific International Exposition.

I saw a wonderful architecture while we were driving. It is the Museum of Man. I decided to sketch this building. The detailed and complicated sculptures on the building cost so much time to depict. I could only simplify them. The architectures here are quite different from those in Toronto.

At 3:30 pm , we gathered again to show our sketches. There are so many things you can sketch in the park. Everyone did a great job with the variety of objects and styles. We took a group photo and The group has some announcements too. The Sketchcrawl had an event after this one near the zoo area. I really wanted to join but I also wanted to explore this park. One time one thing. I decided to hang around in the park. I grabbed something to eat in a café and visited a couple of places. The San Diego Museum of Art takes only $5 admission fee after 5 pm.

The group told me that there were food trucks coming to the park on Fridays in summer. In fact, I didn't expect that there were so many members could join the events on Friday afternoon. It was an awesome experience and I love to be one of the urban sketchers. I brought them a copy of our "
Urban Sketching Disappearing Landmarks in Toronto" to share our sketches from our group with them. We are not only showing the world, one drawing at a time., but also connect each other all over the world with a common interest. Love San Diego! Love you guys !

巴爾波亞公園有1,200英畝,位於市中心北區,有15座博物館包括著名的聖地牙哥動物園(San Diego Zoo)、美術館、博物館、劇場、餐廳以及娛樂健身設施等。如果你還想逛一逛園內的博物館的話,可購買US$30的"Passport to Balboa Park"。
公園是以一位西班牙的航海家Vasco Núñez de Balboa命名的,1868年聖地牙哥政府將這土地規劃為公園。現今公園內許多華麗的博物館建築, 均是1915年巴拿馬加州博覽會, 舉行時所留下的偉大遺產, 繁複的城堡建築反映當時西班牙殖民文藝復興時期的特色, 也有哥德, 巴羅克與洛可哥風。加州塔高達200呎內有100個小吊鐘,每十五分鐘百鐘齊鳴, 有如天籟之音。

今次去洛杉磯,有一天是會去聖地牙哥的。當我知道要上洛杉磯的時候,便立即上網找找那裡有沒有Urban Sketchers的群組,果然找到了聖地牙哥有一群組。於是便聯絡了他們,他們特別為我在8月12日舉辦了一次聚會,很感動!活動地點是巴爾波亞公園(Plaza de Panama, Balboa Park)