Saturday, May 27, 2017

Berczy Park

The only cat in the fountain
There is a very beautiful and lovely fountain in Berczy Park. There are 27 water-spewing dogs on the new fountain. I always drive by the park on Front Street. The park had a traditional fountain before. It was smaller than the new one. The city redesigned the park and rebuilt the fountain. It is now bigger and more interesting with putting the ceramic dogs on the fountain. All are looking up to the top of the fountain where you can find a bone! Another interesting design is that there is ONE ceramic cat sitting there, and the cat is not looking up to the bone. It seems to say, "I am not liked all of you, I am special, who cares about the bone!" Actually, the cat has a mission which is to project streams of water towards a golden bone at the top.

The new fountain is protected with a fence without water. A fountain is not a fountain without water! Hence, I made it up.

A little bit more about the park:
Berczy Park is a small triangle-shaped (3,606 square metres) park in downtown Toronto. It is next to the Gooderham building on Front Street. The park is named after William Berczy, an architect and surveyor, who worked with John Graves Simcoe, the first Governor of Upper Canada.
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