Thursday, May 25, 2017

E.T. Seton Park

At this moment, Toronto's weather is so unpredictable. It rains few days a week and it's already in May. Sometimes it is pretty chilly tho. There was an BBQ event from the Volks club and William was going to join it. E.T. Seton is part of a chain of parks in the area forming a green forested corridor to hike along the Don River. It was a sunny sun and I could miss the chance to enjoy the sunshine. I was doing the sketches while Will was enjoying the gathering with friends. 

I picked a spot near the flyover, Overlea Blvd, where I can see a high rise behind it. In front of it, there are big trees. Under these trees are the picnic tables. There were kids playing the Sprite Scooters. I saw a mom and her daughter playing badminton. From the distance under a tree, a group of people set up a grill for BBQ. The park was full of laugh and smell of nice food from BBQ. And of course, mostly importantly, full of sunshine.

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