Banff Gondola

We bought a package from Brewster for 4 attractions and here is one of them. When we arrived at the hotel in Canmore, it was not ready for check-in yet. The mountain range was very impressive and we decided to go to Banff to take the gondola first. From Canmore to Banff is about 30 minutes driving. It was a cloudy day, a bit chilly on the mountain too.

From the lower terminal to the upper terminal by the cable car, it takes about 8 minutes. It brings you to the Sulphur Mountain where is about 2900 ft. The elevation is 7,486 ft. At the upper terminal, there are a couple of floors with the 
information about Banff and the Rockies, including the landscapes, history, and wildlife...etc. Those displays are very interactive. I did some embossed stamps too.
There are indoor and outdoor levels for you to have bird views around the area. It rained on and off with cloudy sky.

They put 2 chairs with a Canada 150 display there with the mountain range as a backdrop for taking a picture for this year!

After visited different floors, we went to Sky Bistro to have a lunch before hiking to the Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site. It was pretty cold and we need hot drinks and food since we had not eaten anything since we arrived in Calgary.
It is a quite and beautiful restaurant. You can view the mountains through the windows, and also you may be able to see the wildlife when you look down to the hillside.

You may think it will be very expensive to eat in the restaurant in tourist attractions like this one. Check out their menu and you will find it is very reasonable and you need to book the table in advance too. In addition, you would enjoy having meals surrounded by beautiful scenery and this scenery keeps changing.

We saw the clouds and the fog moving between mountains and sometimes the sun rays got through from the clouds.

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