Mt Robson - The highest mountain in The Canadian Rockies

Mt Robson
We went to visit Moose Lake, which is the largest lake in Mr. Robson Provincial Park, was located west of Yellowhead Lake. Driving from Hinton to Moose Lake is about 1 hr 30 mins by taking Yellowhead Highway. You can launch your boat in this lake. We were already in B.C. province. It is 11.7 km long and 1.9 km wide. And the Canadian National Railway follows the north lake shore closely.

About 18 minutes more driving to the west from Moose Lake, you will arrive at Mount Robson Provincial Park Visitor Centre. From there you can see Mt. Robson, which is the highest mountain (3,954 m) in Canadian Rockies. In 1990, UNESCO added Mt Robson Provincial Park to the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. We Bought coffee and sat at a picnic table for catching this scene. The weather was chilly but sunny with lots of bugs and mosquitoes. The horizontal lines on the mountains tell you the ages and the formation of the mountain.
Yellowhead Highway

Moose Lake

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