Friday, July 1, 2016

Unionville - A house on Carlton Road

I have done many plein air paintings in Unionville but all are at Too Pond Pond. Today was Monday, less people on the Main Street. It was very tempting to paint the houses there. However, it was a hot steamy day, I decided to paint a house near the place I parked my car and under the shade.

來過這裡很多次寫生,但每次都是畫Too Good Pond.今天是星期一,早上在Main Street人不多,很想畫那裡有特色的房屋,可是今天實在太熱,我還是選擇畫一幢在我泊車的停車場附近的樹蔭下畫了這幢漂亮的屋子.
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